The Geotechnical Module has been made available through the subscription program to all AutoCAD Civil 3D users. Applied Software brings the creator of the Geotechnical Module, Keynetix, who will show you how quickly you can visualize borings in context of your site, create multiple strata surfaces and even generate geotechnical profile views containing boring log strips all in a few minutes, this is work which would normally take many hours.

This webinar will teach you how to:

• Create Projects and import boring data into AutoCAD Civil 3D

• Create and visualize 3D borings

• Generate Civil 3D surfaces for geology strata

• Create dynamic Geotechnical long sections in seconds

• The fundamentals of modelling and visualizing geology in AutoCAD Civil 3D

Applied Software have partnered with Keynetix, Autodesk’s Geotechnical Industrial Partner, who develop the HoleBASE SI suite and KeyLAB, the world leader in geotechnical BIM and geotechnical data management software.

The webinar will also demonstrate how the Geotechnical Module can link into HoleBASE SI as part of a central geotechnical data management system which can dramatically speed up workflows and integrates geotechnics into BIM.