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BIM Engineering Solutions innovates construction processes through the application and implementation of advanced BIM technologies.

Our little story started in 2006 When BIMES was formed focusing on BIM technology, after recognising the benefits of BIM, and the gap in the market, Today we operate through three principle offices in Dubai, Cairo and Alexandria, with a core team of fifty qualified Engineers, Modelers and Project Managers located in the region.

Have a look at one of our projects in KSA, This sums a full cycle where BIMES, using ARCHICAD and BIMx was involved, where we covered design validation, construction support till handing over to FM team !


BIM Services

Our Unique approach which is Solution based, and delivery focused with no disturbance to current work flow, made us the best choice when it comes to BIM services.   

BIM Software

Providing you with the best in class, BIMES is proud to be the local reseller of ARCHICAD. The fastest, most reliable BIM software.With a selection of the finest related programs

BIM Training 

Whether you are a one man practice, or a multi billion company, our custom training approach and understanding your requirements, should result in a perfect Implementation.


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What is BIM


Surprise.. BIM is not new ! 

It might sound weird to some, but actually BIM is not new, as a matter of fact it might be older than you dear reader ! BIM (formerly known as Virtual Building) is out there for more than 30 years.

You probably have heard a lot about BIM , but really what is BIM? Well.. nothing can explain it more than a 3 minutes video .. enjoy 🙂

Who is BIM for?


Everything changes and nothing stands still


The big question : Is BIM for me ? 

Change is the nature of life, We all accept that, however it is one of the problems AEC industry is facing when it comes to BIM, many are forced to change, without a clear vision, nor a justified reason. Why should you switch while you have designed, built a lot of buildings without the need of BIM ?

BIM is not black magic, but it definitely can make things way better if applied properly. BIM will enhance your workflow and quality of designs and buildings, and will have a positive impact on time and cost of running your tasks, but again : If and only if applied properly.

This is where we are specialised, We will help you to understand BIM the right way, and look into customised solutions that will improve your workflow, whether you are a developer, consultant, contractor,subcontractor or a Facility Management company there is a right approach for you. Let us help you finding your BIM flavour.